Professional Lupaca Toyo siku zampoña

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This item is made by an order. It takes one weekd to make it.

The zampoña is a panpipe of only two tier of pipes of cane of different lengths, which expresses each one a height. They had different origins. In the Andean altiplane existed from the pre-Columbian epoch and now continue being used in the folck music. The zampoñas are of different sizes and they produce diverse sounds.

Toyo is a large zampoña. It is made from bamboo of high quality.

Each pipe is made from a single tube of bamboo.

Tuned in E (Mi) 440 Hz.
Measures: 140 cm (55,11 inches) aprox.
Number of pipes: 17
Weight: 9000grs aprox.
Brand: Lupaca

Case included


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