Ancient antara Nazca clay pan flute Replica

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The Nazca culture flourished in the Nazca region between 300 BC and 800 AD. They created the famous Nazca lines and built an impressive system of underground aqueducts that an impressive system of underground aqueducts that still function today.

The Nazca culture is widely known for its fine polychrome ceramics with representations of fruit, animals, human personages, and hybrid beings. The earliest forms and designs of this style reveal a clear continuity with, and similarity to, the Paracas style, whose features go back to the Formative Period.

This ceramic antara was made following the Ancient Nazca techniques. It is a copy from the original antara located at Peruvian Museum of archeology and anthropology.

The Clay used in its construction is the clay from the same location used by the ancient people of Nazca. This is to preserve the original sound and the original musical keys. 

Measures: 18.00cm x 16.00cm (7,09 inches x 6,30 inches) aprox.

Weight: 250gr (0,5 pounds).

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    Ceramic Pan Flute

    Posted by Koen B on 22nd Sep 2017

    Verry happy with the flute. It was verry well wrapped and packaged with a quick delivery to Europe.